Why choosing Finbrain?


Finbrain-ITC strong points

  • Consultants and experienced interim-managers in corporate finance, credit, cash management, financial markets and risk management with some 20 years average experiment coming from different and complementary horizons, accustomed to bring to a successful conclusion our missions in national or international environment. 
  • A true taste for challenge raised by our engagement of every moment in order to deliver you a strong quality of service. We propose you solutions and  implement them by providing you the right Interim-Manager able to cover your project fully. 
  • Consultants and  Interim Managers who are integrated perfectly well into your organization and your teams, who take part in the development of the image and competences of your company. 
  • A role of facilitator in decision making thanks to our constructive studies in different sector of industries are delivering you a strong added value;   CFO Assistance Desk 
  • 13 years experience serving Corporates, Public Companies and SME’s 
  • Exclusive tools, developed by Finbrain-ITC