Activities Summary

Doing things right, doing the right things


The business model FINBRAIN-ITC is essentially based on four areas of activity:

  • The Consultancy (vis-à-vis which we are certified SPW)
  • The Interim-Management (Missions)
  • Financial Training (Academic and in-situ within companies)
  • The Independent Director mandates at Board level (ID)

Consultant agréé Région Wallonne

Our core business is then structured around five areas of intervention or Services Groupe

  • Corporate Gouvernance (SMEs and  listed companies)
  • Corporate finance
  • Risk Management 
  • International Treasury Management 
  • Crisis Management

Covered Business Situations

  • Change in Family Business Governance
  • Replacing Financial Managers and Top Executives
  • Companies under LBO – MBO
  • International Development
  • Group and Subsidiaries Financial risk management
  • Entreprise Risk Management  (ERM) COSO 2013 or ISO31000
  • Ruptures takeover technology
  • Merge & Acquisition (Post Acquisition structure)
  • New market constrains (BEPS, EMIR, SEPA, etc…)
  • Integration of new product developments
  • Credit Management
  • Crisis  and Change Management
  • Strategy and strategic risks assessment

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