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A vocation is to have your passion as a profession
Henri Beyle, better known under the pseudonym Stendhal

Assisting companies in their development and growth is our core business. We cover mainly interim-management missions.

What are interim managers used for?

Interim managers are experienced executives with specialist skills and a track record of achievement. They are hired by businesses on a project basis to solve problems, but also to fill organizational gaps or take on strategic roles; they deliver results quickly before moving on to the next assignment.

FINBRAIN members know what to look for in an interim-manager and can provide organizations immediate access to these talented individuals and advice on how to use them; this essentially because we are acting ourself as interim-managers.

Increasing numbers of business leaders are seeing interim-managers as an immediate
solution to answer the essential strengths profile they are looking for.

We possess sufficient energy and drive to secure a new assignment every six to nine months. We are capable of quickly establishing a rapport, building trust, able to sell ourself quickly and confidently as the selection process for interim positions is much shorter and more focused than the standard corporate recruitment process.

We answer urgency; we are perceptive and have the skills to quickly assess what’s going on in a totally new environment. We are also able to analyse, develop solutions, influence and then deliver on time and within budget. For these functions, FINBRAIN-ITC and FINBRAIN-LUXEMBOURG are mainstays business partners to answer your demand.

We are particularly proud that throughout 2015 we celebrate 13 years of existence of our business consultancy, interim management and training activities strongly recognized by its customers testimony.

You, as clients, are definitely our priority.


Jean-Claude P. Jossart