Our Values


FINBRAIN-ITC will answer the today’s major areas of concern for most international CEOs CFOs, CROs, Group-Treasurers and Treasurers. Our main ethic values are based on reliability, customer respect, sincerity, commitment, honesty, innovativeness, expertise and professionalism.

Our Mission

Some 16 years ago, we founded FINBRAIN-ITC, defining the company’s mission as follows:

The mission of FINBRAIN-ITC is to support men and women in their abilities of selecting, initiating and managing companies of any type. Our goal is to serve our clients with the highest level of honesty, quality and with a real passion for Finance Performances, Governance and Development. 

By and large, this mission has remained unchanged. But it has now been extended with the creation of another company in Luxembourg

We are a company with an old tradition of excellence in higher quality services. Our mission is to have a decisive and positive impact on how economic and business challenges are addressed. We fulfill this mission by producing added value and by supporting women, men and entrepreneurs to perform in their field.

Our Vision

We strive to meet the most pressing economic and business challenges of our time with a unique blend of scientific rigor, contextual engagement and problem-solving skills.  This will strengthen our position as a European reference for our international clients, our peers, practitioners and academics.


Our Values

  • Request for truth, information, and knowledge: challenge our stakeholders and students to open their minds to a wide range of perspectives
  • Entrepreneurial spirit: we expect all our stakeholders to demonstrate initiative and leadership
  • Excellence: we all strive to the highest standards of performance in our respective fields 
  • Integration: we build on the multidisciplinary (1) of our company and our expertise in Financial Management
  • Equal opportunity: we provide access to students from all socio-economic backgrounds
  • Plural governance: practitioners, academics, and staff all have a voice in our governance
  • Societal relevance: we nurture a long tradition of contributing expertise to public and private companies and the business world

(1) Our multidisciplinary approach involves drawing appropriately from some major disciplines to redefine problems outside of normal boundaries and reach solutions based on a new understanding of complex situations.

We see experience and innovation as value key drivers

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