Treasury Management Systems


Are You Getting the Most Out of Your TMS?

A treasury management system won’t be effective if it isn’t implemented correctly. Learn how to do it the right way to avoid problems down the road.

Learn how to multiply the efficiency of your treasury team by introducing or upgrading a treasury management system or connecting to the SWIFT network. Understand how to put together an RFP, choose between competitor systems and ensure your system delivers.

What kind of constrains Corporates and SME’s have to face?

Treasury management faces increasing demand for more efficiency, flexibility and compliance with both corporate governance guidelines set internally and more external regulations to respect.

The Implementation of a Treasury Management System (TMS) and several IT interfaces is deemed critical for standardization, automation and centralization of large scale and repetitive Treasury processes.

Abundance of vendor offering, with differences in system functionalities and lack of alignment of business and system requirements, makes the TMS selection process long and complex, companies do not necessarily have the internal structure and organisation that will enable them to fulfill the greatest benefits of TMS. That’s why FINBRAIN-ITC will support you in :

  • Making the analysis of your real needs,
  • Designing your structure,
  • Writing your RFP,
  • Selecting the most appropriate vendor,
  • Acting as a Project Manager guiding the full implementation,
  • Testing

This kind of project imply high cost, time and quality risk in terms of delivery and expectations towards the final product, a good reason for outsourcing such a project.

FINBRAIN-ITC  has already supported several TMS selection processes and system implementation projects across Europe. We have a leading practice and a deep knowledge
and expertise in Treasury processes and Treasury system landscapes having served a lot of companies in this area.

Four tips to start your TMS project

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