Proposing Services, Delivering Value

13 years of consulting to some of the largest corporate institutions, Finbrain-ITC in Belgium has brought significant experience, expertise and proven methodology into practice.

Assisting companies in their development and growth is our daily life. Financial Directions are strategic actors in managing business performance. Their job is changing and the stakes are always more numerous.

Finbrain mainly focuses on covering consultancy missions, interim-management positions and independent board director mandates, a set of jobs that can not be improvised. These positions are guided by specific rules, a structured approach, professional ethics and where the interests of the company, the implementation deadlines and  being on budget are essential topics.

Our mandates in a nutshell:

  • Compliance and implementation adequacy of Regulators guidelines
  • Services in Risk Management (ERM, ISO 31000 and COSO 2013 and Financial matrix)
  • Structured capital (LBO, MBO, etc …)
  • Treasury Management (Replacement of managers, projects, TMS implementation)
  • Syndicated loans and club deals
  • Business performance set-up of KPI’s
  • Financial evaluation of companies, due diligence
  • Crisis management and Business Continuity Management (BCM)
  • “C” services (CEO, CFO, CRO)
  • In situ training within companies and academic trainers
  • Consulting and Interim Management Services
  • Mandates of independent board directors