Academic and Training Partnership


The partnership is defined as an active association of various parties, while maintaining their autonomy, willing to share their efforts to achieve a common goal related to a problem or a clearly identified need in which, under their respective mandates, they have an interest, responsibility, motivation, even a commitment. 

It is in these terms that FINBRAIN-ITC carries on business training within both private and public companies and completed his training role on behalf of its partners in the assigned mandates.

A. Academic intervention: 

We operate mainly in Treasury Management, Risk Management (Degree in Risk Management – DSRM) and in Financial Engineering (DSIF)  Degree in Financial Engineering.

We are also responsible for ensuring the scientific coordination of the International Program at ICHEC-Entreprise in Financial Engineering and International Treasury management  in the following countries:

DESIF – Tunis in collaboration with IACE  Arab Institute of Business Managers 
DESIF – Algiers in collaboration with the Executive MDI Alger 
DESIF – Luxembourg – Financial Engineering with CSL in Luxembourg
Luxembourg Lifelong Learning Center (LLL)

DESICM – Luxembourg – International Treasury Management with CSL Luxembourg 

International Partnership Program 

The main strength of our program lies in the fact that many of the trainers at the academic level have also developed research activities in several departments of industry and are mainly active at executive level. 

2. Privately

International Treasury Management

The essentials of International Treasury Management
FINBRAIN-ITC and EuroFinance are partners in France, Luxembourg and Ivory Cost.
We intervene as selected French speaking Tutor  in International Treasury Management courses (Intermediate and Advanced training levels).

3. Wolters Kluwer Opleidingen

The essentials of International Treasury Management

This course will take place in Brussels in the Business Faculty, in the NH Hotel in Diegem
but also at Bluepoint, Antwerpen (Berchem). The courses will be given in English and/or Dutch.


4. Training in situ within companies. (Tailor made program)

Is this a challenge for you to measure and monitor your performance? Are you struggling to identify and execute growth strategies? Are you tired of staying competitive by continuously evaluating what you have done in the past while applying to evaluate an uncertain future? 

  •      Grow your profitability through more accurate planning; 
  •      Incorporate risk calculations in the planning process; 
  •      Include information on your cost centers; 
  •      Produce multidimensional maps / budgets / having regard to the profitability
    your business / project estimates; 
  •      Book more time to market and reduce your risk project; 
  •      Remove the barriers between allocated risk reporting and overall
         financial reporting 

You’ll find the answers to all these questions in the following five modules presented during the 2017-2018 academic year. 

Our seminars are designed to achieve three objectives: 

  • First, we want to explain very clearly the importance of financial management and the innovation it generates following recent demands required by market regulators; 
  • Then we want to provide enough recent examples of innovation in management so that participants can understand  what can practically be done properly; 
  • And third, we want to present a basic methodology for the financial management of your business 

There is no recipe here, but there are some approaches that considered will allow you to increase the chances that your company can become an innovator in financial management.