Training Partnership

The partnership is defined as an active association of various parties who, while maintaining their autonomy, agree to share their efforts in order to carry out a common objective connected to a problem or a clearly identified need in which, under the terms of their respective mission, they have an interest, a responsibility, a motivation, even an obligation. It is in these terms that FINBRAIN-ITC carries out training and coaching missions for count partners below.



Is it a challenge for you to measure and monitor your performance? Do you struggle to identify and execute growth strategies? Are you tired of trying to remain competitive by evaluating what you’ve done in the past and apply it to a hard-to-predict future?

  • Boost profitability through more precise planning
  • Incorporate risk calculations into the planning process
  • Integrate activity-based cost information
  • Produce multi-dimensional profitability plans/budgets/forecasts
  • Speed time to market and reduce project risk
  • Dissolve the barriers between risk reporting and finance reporting

You will find the answer to all these questions in following the five modules presented during the next academic year.

Our seminar is intended to achieve three main objectives.

  • First, we want to make it very clear why financial management and innovation is important;
  • second, we want to provide enough contemporary examples of management innovation that people can understand –practically- that it can be done;
  • and third, we want to lay out a basic methodology for doing finance management in your company. There is no recipe here, but there are certain approaches you
    can take to increase the odds that your company can become a management innovator in finance.

A key strength of the ICHEC Entreprise program is that many of its faculty members also teach and develop research activities in several departments of the industry. Our research process has therefore the advantage of being fully integrated. It is horizontally integrated in the sense that it is at the crossroads of many scientific disciplines. They cover the whole environment of private and public firms:

From advanced finance to economics, from mathematics to strategy, from organizational behavior to artificial intelligence. It is also vertically integrated, from practical expertise to scientific investigation, at the junction of empirical experience and theoretical analysis.

Another key strength of the ICHEC Entreprise Program comes from the richness of its faculty: A lot of members,  most of them coming from the academic world, but many of them being active practitioners, from any sphere of the economic world: government organizations or non governments and commercial organizations, representing all sectors of activity, from heavy industry to services.