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 What we do.. How we do it..  
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FINBRAIN-ITC was founded by financial experts who have worked at some of the most prestigious firms in the country in Europe, the US, Canada and the Middle-East. We have used our expertise, first in International Treasury management to simplify procedures, later in Corporate Finance and Entreprise Risk Management for increasing performances, improving reporting forms and offering you our services in order to deliver the added value you are looking for.

To make FINBRAIN-ITC the best financial service, we assembled a team of financial free-lance experts, with several years experience and business school professors. All of our models were developed by experienced experts, so you can be sure that our documents are dependable.

We train young professionals through seminars on behalf of ICHEC in Brussels, EuroFinance in Luxembourg and France and other business schools abroad. Continuing education in the current economic environment responds to increased demand from our customers.

Most importantly, we are always thinking about you, our customer. Our satisfaction guarantee is second to none, and our helpful customer service representatives are available at any time. Our focus has always been on delivering more value to our clients and making decisions that achieve their growth and performance objectives.

Customers globally expect a streamlined, efficient, and personalized on-boarding experience whenever they choose to do business with a new Service Provider, Consultant or Interim-Manager. The approach with Corporates and SMEs is not essentially different.

With FINBRAIN-ITC we are innovative providers of financial structures for professionals, business owners and their companies. Our professionals help maximize corporate profit, while controlling the cost of BUs and increase their performance.

Our representatives have delivered superior service to their clients for more than 13 years. Our commitment to deliver a carefully constructed plan is based on a comprehensive  financial situation of your company that tells us on which priorities we need to focus.

We work with our clients on issues relevant to the enterprise-wide management of their business, such as growth, business unit strategy, the impact of global trends and the financial management globally.

Our corporate finance experts are independent advisers on finance and value creation. We work with CEOs, CFOs, CROs and Treasurers on finance organization, portfolio structure and investment decisions; linking corporate strategy to capital markets performance; ensuring that the financial structure and major transactions are consistent with overall strategy, due diligence reviews and integration planning.

We work closely with management, stakeholders and other advisers to leverage the global knowledge and ensure maximum impact. We also actively support implementation know-how transfer and skills development.

We hope your visit to our website will help you understand the opportunities as well as potential rewards that are available when you take a proactive approach to the financial and strategic evaluation of new business opportunities.

We look forward to helping you with your performance, your governance and your financial needs shortly.


We are a registered Consultant with SPW in Belgium.

Corporate Finance

Finbrain corporate finance group structures and executes complex, market-leading financial mandates worldwide. We are active in the U.S., European, Middle-East and Asian markets, underwriters, serving all types of shareholders in all types of public and private companies. We advise clients across a wide range of industries and draw on the experience of finance, risks and governance in related practices throughout the firm to help clients achieve their business goals.

Leveraged Finance

With several leveraged finance lawyers mainly in continental Europe  Finbrain advises clients globally in a broad spectrum of leveraged finance transactions and debt restructuring.

We have significant experience advising borrowers, lenders, issuers, equity investors, sponsors, financial advisors and agents in all capital structure layers, including senior credit facilities, first lien/second lien financings, subordinated/mezzanine debt, structured equity, workouts/restructuring and recapitalization.

We provide comprehensive, practical and business-oriented advice, applying our tax, restructuring and private equity experience and knowledge of the full range of debt and equity capital structures.

Corporate Finance, Treasury, Risk and Governance

We help companies to accomplish their strategic objectives by bringing a systematic, disciplined approach to evaluating and improving the effectiveness of risk management, control, and governance processes.
We frequently advise clients on corporate strategy, including participating in, and the effect of, governance programs to address financial market challenges and assist them with acquiring and disposing of large and complex commercial  loans and related tranches. We assist organisations in M&A and post M&A operations.

Activities Summary

Doing things right, doing the right things


The business model FINBRAIN-ITC is essentially based on four areas of activity:

  • The Consultancy (vis-à-vis which we are certified SPW)
  • The Interim-Management (Missions)
  • Financial Training (Academic and in-situ within companies)
  • The Independent Director mandates at Board level (ID)

Consultant agréé Région Wallonne

Our core business is then structured around five areas of intervention or Services Groupe

  • Corporate Gouvernance (SMEs and  listed companies)
  • Corporate finance
  • Risk Management 
  • International Treasury Management 
  • Crisis Management

Covered Business Situations

  • Change in Family Business Governance
  • Replacing Financial Managers and Top Executives
  • Companies under LBO – MBO
  • International Development
  • Group and Subsidiaries Financial risk management
  • Entreprise Risk Management  (ERM) COSO 2013 or ISO31000
  • Ruptures takeover technology
  • Merge & Acquisition (Post Acquisition structure)
  • New market constrains (BEPS, EMIR, SEPA, etc…)
  • Integration of new product developments
  • Credit Management
  • Crisis  and Change Management
  • Strategy and strategic risks assessment

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Welcome and introductory message



A vocation is to have your passion as a profession
Henri Beyle, better known under the pseudonym Stendhal

Assisting companies in their development and growth is our core business. We cover mainly interim-management missions.

What are interim managers used for?

Interim managers are experienced executives with specialist skills and a track record of achievement. They are hired by businesses on a project basis to solve problems, but also to fill organizational gaps or take on strategic roles; they deliver results quickly before moving on to the next assignment.

FINBRAIN members know what to look for in an interim-manager and can provide organizations immediate access to these talented individuals and advice on how to use them; this essentially because we are acting ourself as interim-managers.

Increasing numbers of business leaders are seeing interim-managers as an immediate
solution to answer the essential strengths profile they are looking for.

We possess sufficient energy and drive to secure a new assignment every six to nine months. We are capable of quickly establishing a rapport, building trust, able to sell ourself quickly and confidently as the selection process for interim positions is much shorter and more focused than the standard corporate recruitment process.

We answer urgency; we are perceptive and have the skills to quickly assess what’s going on in a totally new environment. We are also able to analyse, develop solutions, influence and then deliver on time and within budget. For these functions, FINBRAIN-ITC and FINBRAIN-LUXEMBOURG are mainstays business partners to answer your demand.

We are particularly proud that throughout 2015 we celebrate 13 years of existence of our business consultancy, interim management and training activities strongly recognized by its customers testimony.

You, as clients, are definitely our priority.


Jean-Claude P. Jossart